Change in Ownership
Behavioral Health Services Caminar Technologies, Inc..

Effective September 1, 2009, Behavioral Health Services, Inc. will be taking ownership of Caminar Software.  We are excited about this opportunity because it’s such a fantastic product. We will continue to build upon the existing platform and add new features in the future. We also intend to develop a scalable product that takes advantage of new technologies.  We look forward to supporting Caminar Software, and expect to improve customer support issues. Things will continue as normal

We would like to thank the previous owner, Steve, for his excellent work in making BHS Caminar Software what it is today, a nationally recognized reporting tool and an affordable electronic health record.

Change in Ownership at BHS Caminar Software brings Revitalization and Opportunity
Behavioral Health Services Caminar Technologies, Inc..

Caminar Software, an internationally recognized behavioral healthcare software solution, has been recently acquired by Behavioral Health Services, Inc., (BHS) of Los Angeles, County, California. The new owners are excited about the future of Caminar, and expect to regain a strong presence in the Electronic Health Record market

BHS plans to make positive changes for customers, employees, providers, and the surrounding community.  In order to better serve customers, the owners plan on innovating current products while at the same time developing new products in order to expand the line currently offered. Research into new technologies and more efficient processes will also aid in the development and expansion.

BHS is interested in developing and maintaining close relationships with both our current customers, and other providers that are seeking an affordable alternative to high cost EHR systems.  These relationships will be integral to the development of a complete solution.

BHS is excited for the future, strongly believing in the positive changes that are sure to follow.  It is our hope that improvements will be realized for our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve.  The vision driving the owners is a comprehensive system of human services available and affordable to all through our model programs and a coalition of community partners

Customer Roadmap
Behavioral Health Services Caminar Technologies, Inc..

In a nutshell; if you have Caminar, we are providing opportunities to get your agreements and licensing current.  We are also adding an option for “upgrade insurance” rates on top of the low maintenance fees.  The insurance rates are to offset development costs and provide access to upcoming major upgrades.


In September 2009, Behavioral Health Services, Inc. announced its acquisition of privately-held Caminar Software, Inc.  The software company was combined with various augmentation services and re-branded to Behavioral Health Services Caminar Technologies, Inc. (BHSCTI).  This acquisition brings together a broad range of Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems and related technologies solutions and is a significant step in BHSCTI’s strategy for an affordable EHR option. The EHR is critical to community based organizations because it forms the foundation upon which clinical services are provided. This paper outlines the thinking behind our product decisions and describes the resulting products in each of the key solution areas:

BHS Caminar Software (formerly Caminar Software): BHSCTI will move forward with development and support for the widely recognized electronic health record that provides superior reporting, efficiency, and standardization. Over the next couple of years, we will be phasing out the current product line so that we may focus on an enhanced version that will include HIPAA-standard EDI transactions, a more robust SQL database, and other new features. 

But don’t worry, if you are currently using Caminar, there is still much work to be done on the existing version and we are committed to supporting the needs of our client base.  We use BHS Caminar ourselves in production and understand that the current version is critical to daily operations.  We will continue support on the current 8871x series version until the end of 2012.  At that time, customers will have the option of continuing with the 8x series, or switching to the new version.

Generally speaking, product support for the 8X series will continue through the end of 2012; specific policies related to current customer licenses and product supports are discussed in the product descriptions in Appendix 1: Product Roadmap. Future documents will disclose additional product development plans, but this document is designed to give interested parties a clear picture of BHSCTI’s solutions.

Technology Services: BHSCTI will expand its leadership position by providing professional computing services and IT Staff augmentation.  We offer reliable, expert, and professional support of business technology systems. We also offer a broad range of hosting services. We specialize in assisting small to mid-size agencies that could benefit from a little extra help for their existing computer staff or projects. BHSCTI is pleased to continue its focus on community based organizations and services. 



Acquisition of a product like Caminar Software Inc. is difficult; the high degree of overlap in programming, helpdesk, administration…could easily lead to customer confusion, reduce our ability to properly support customers, and create a sense of uncertainty. We therefore spent a great deal of time and effort in developing a plan that includes a clear vision, technical framework, with an incremental approach.  We took pains to ensure that significant, mission-critical capabilities were maintained. We will strive to minimize the impact to customers by considering the existing customer base for each upcoming feature set.


When determining our product roadmap, our goals were:

  • Ensure that customers’ investments in Caminar Software are maintained to the maximum degree possible
  • Retain the best technology to provide superior solutions to our current and future customers
  • Provide a clear path for customers to migrate to a supported solution when necessary
  • Focus our research and development resources on the best technologies for both platforms (old and new) in order to produce a high-quality Electronic Health Record that offers superior value


Therefore, our product roadmap has the following objectives:

Where possible, provide one product that provides a superior solution for each customer challenge; superfluous projects will be discontinued, although key features may be integrated into the retained product in future development cycles:

  • Select the solution that best meets market demands.
  • Minimize disruption to existing customers.
  • Consider the cost to maintain and develop the solution.
  • Consider integration and dependencies with other products.
  • Continue supporting discontinued products through December, 2012.

Provide customers with selected upgrades (requires customers to be current on maintenance and involves a change in the licensing model). Because reinstatements are priced much higher than renewals, it is generally more cost effective to maintain current upgrade protection and remain on the latest version than to allow upgrade protection coverage to expire and then reinstate later. Current Customers will benefit from continued maintenance upgrades, patches, and technical support, provided they are current on maintenance.

Appendix 1: Product Roadmap.



All customers of BHSCTI who are current on maintenance are entitled to maintenance updates of the functionality and products they already own (BHS Caminar Suite). New customers may purchase the BHS Caminar Suite, or select individual modules. When BHSCTI has made the decision to end the sales and development of the 8871X series of Caminar, customers on current maintenance contracts will have an opportunity to receive the new product at a significantly reduced rate.  Caminar Software has traditionally been licensed on a perpetual license basis. We are modifying this model in an effort to allow provisioning for a broader range of customers;

  • BHS Caminar Perpetual License with Upgrade Insurance:

Entitles the customer to use the designated BHS Caminar software indefinitely, plus receive all upgrades, updates, and patches to the licensed software during the valid Upgrade Insurance period.  Upgrade Insurance must be renewed annually.


  • BHS Caminar Perpetual License without Upgrade Insurance:

Entitles customers to designated BHS Caminar software versions currently owned, plus receive minor upgrades, updates, and patches to the licensed software during the valid Maintenance Agreement Period.  Maintenance Agreement must be renewed annually.


  • BHS Caminar Subscription License (pending):

Entitles the customer to use the BHS Caminar software during the subscription period designated on the order, typically 1 year. Customers choosing BHS Caminar Subscription Licenses receive the current version of software and all upgrades and updates to the licensed software during the subscription

Annual Maintenance fees will be 20% of the most current list price (industry standard is currently 25%).  Upgrade Insurance fees will be 35% of the most current list price, and will include standard Maintenance fees plus free major upgrades that will be offered as optional paid add-on modules to customers. 

Should Customers choose not to renew maintenance in any given year, and Customer wishes to upgrade to a future release of the licensed software, Customer would be charged 70% of the full list price for the software (plus 20% of the most current list price of SOFTWARE for maintenance).

Should Customer choose not to renew maintenance any given year, and then wishes to renew at a later date, Customer would be charged for back maintenance, which was not renewed, plus the maintenance fee, which shall be 20% of the most current list price. In addition, 20% of the total sum of back maintenance and current maintenance fee shall be added as a surcharge for an interruption in maintenance

By switching to the new BHS Caminar licensing models, customers using BHS Caminar products will maintain similar licensing models, and will be able to switch from discontinued products to newer versions or features. If you are licensed for the current version of Caminar, you can safely remain on the existing product until support for that product ends (which is projected for late 2012). Provided you are current on maintenance, you will have access to heavily discounted advantages. Regardless of when you upgrade, BHSCTI will work with you to discuss upgrade paths.


Steve Gilbert continues to be the Principle Consultant for BHSCTI.  To ensure a smooth transition, Steve has also supported the helpdesk.  We need to modify that workflow to better support our Customers.  To better serve you, Steve will no longer provide direct customer support via phone calls or emails.  All inquiries will be supported by;

Calling the new Caminar phone number:


You may also post service requests on our secured website:

Or email us at:

Again, BHS Caminar products will be fully supported.  If your organization currently has a Maintenance Agreement, that support will continue through your existing support contract period based upon licensing. You should take care to ensure that your Maintenance Agreements remain current.

ABOUT Behavioral Health Services Caminar Technologies, Inc.

BHSCTI is an established Technologies agency specializing in Electronic Health Records. BHSCTI delivers innovative solutions that help organizations improve productivity and meet regulatory standards. Through a deep expertise in IT operations and a continued focus on affordability, BHSCTI helps more than 50 providers in over 500 locations. Caminar Software has been established for over 11 years and can be found nationwide.

Contacting BHSCTI Software

Phone:          424-456-8636 (United States and Canada)



Mail:             15519 Crenshaw Blvd., Gardena CA  90249

Web site:

Contacting BHSCTI Support

BHSCTI Support is available to customers who have a trial version of Caminar or who have purchased a licensed version with a current maintenance contract. BHSCTI Support provides around the clock access with our helpdesk link. Visit our helpdesk at:


  • Download patches and upgrades.
  • Seek help from a Support engineer.
  • Log and update your case, and check its status.